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Project Ideas

Project 1 – The Collaborative Book

Teachers or students invite others to contribute directly into their book.

Project 2 – The Family Book or Community Service

Students collect stories from their family or people in their community to easily create personalised books.

Assign Projects in Classroom

This video demonstrates how to assign a project to students using Google Classroom.

FamilyBookform integration with Google Classroom

Teacher Experience:
Dr Monita Leavitt, San Jose, USA

Bookform on Channel 7

TV coverage Sep 2018

Bookform on Channel 7

TV coverage Nov 2018

Project Examples

Case Studies

How It Works

Getting started video

1. Getting Started

Follow prompts to speak or type stories & upload photos. All content collated into a digital book with front cover, contents & chapters.

how touse the voice to text feature video

2. Voice To Text

Speak stories, any language, directly into your book. Save audio files, share digital book online & print-on-demand.

Contributor video

3. Inviting Contributors

Invite others to contribute content directly into your book. All content is private and can be edited or deleted.

Online resource for Family Projects

Create a demo book for free