Write your story - what's stopping you?

Write your story - what's stopping you?

17 June 2016 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir

You’ve led a full life. You have experiences to share. Stories to tell. Insights you feel could help others. You want to write a memoir, something tangible to pass on to your family or share with the world.

So what’s stopping you? Maybe you feel you don’t have the writing skills. You don’t have to be a Booker Prize winning author to record your memoir. You’ve written school or university essays, letters, emails, maybe even some poems or short stories squirrelled away in a bottom drawer. If so, then you can write.

All writers struggle to start – whether they are working on an article, an essay or a novel. Just getting that first sentence, that first line, that first paragraph onto the page or computer screen is the key. Once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how the words start to flow. Don’t go back and edit as you go, don’t think about the quality of your writing – just write! You can always go back and make changes, swap paragraphs around and make other improvements later.

Bookform’s unique memoir template makes it all so simple. Just think about what you want to share and where you want to start, follow the prompts and begin writing. Maybe you could start with a shocking or heartbreaking occurrence in your life, a funny or moving moment, a lingering memory of a delicious meal enjoyed in an exotic location, a description of an object that holds special memories for you, an adventurous travel experience or the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Where and when in a lifetime of memories you start is largely irrelevant – it’s all about what flows from there. Writing is a surprising process – once you start you never know what will appear on the page and what new memories will surface as you go with the flow.

If you need help getting started, ask some questions. Ask your children what they would like to know about you and your life. Better still, ask your small grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Their questions could be hilarious, and very enlightening!

And remember that help is at hand via a Bookform writing workshop. For just $99 you can join a workshop in your local area, facilitated by a professional writer, and mingle with others using the Bookform templates to collate your special memories. The workshops are fun and friendly and go for eight hours, spread over several days or weeks.

Just think, by the end of the workshop your personal memoir could be print-ready to publish as a printed book or in PDF form, complete with a cover of your choice and your by-line (that’s the line that says ‘By such and such a person’) and you can look forward to sharing your achievement – and your cherished memories – with family and friends.

Once you get started, you will find the process of writing to be pleasurable, satisfying and much easier than you imagined. So what’s stopping you?

Start today, it’s so easy! 

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