What happens at a writing workshop?

What happens at a writing workshop?

4 August 2016 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

At any time throughout your writing journey you may feel a bit stuck with how to continue your story, or struggle with how to articulate a particular event, or perhaps you just feel like socialising with some like-minded friends, to brain-storm about ideas and hear about other people’s trials and tribulations.

At the top of your Bookform dashboard click on 'upgrade', choose either a monthly or annual plan with a workshop, and before you need to pay you can enter your postcode to see all the writing workshops scheduled near you.

Bookform has partnerships with many libraries, retirement villages, RSLs and community groups throughout Australia, so there should always be a workshop scheduled nearby, but if not, let us know and we can contact one of our professional writing workshop facilitators to create one for you.

When you search for a workshop the professional writer’s profile will show their qualifications, experience and what their scheduled writing workshop will be focusing on. There may be workshops for memoir writing specifically, or travel writing, therapy writing, business writing or a myriad of subjects to keep you engaged.

The idea is that once you attend a workshop you may feel motivated enough to go back to writing at home or stimulated to want to learn more on a particular topic, or develop your writing in ever more specialised ways. The opportunities are endless.

All the writing professional will personalise their classes to suit their strengths, experience, and the needs of the attendees. You may like the style of a particular facilitator’s class and attend many more of their workshops, or you may like to move around to others and try many different styles and hear personalised advice from many different points of view.

Each workshop attendee is working on their own book, so everyone will be at different phases and places in their book product.  Your writing may be private or you might want to discuss some of your more tricky writing issues. Your level of participation is up to you.

Ask questions, no question is too small or too big. If you need help with the basics of set up and what the writing software can do, then the teacher would be happy to show you. If you have ethical or legal questions or a particularly difficult issue you would like to write about, the workshops are a safe private forum and a great place to start getting your thoughts out of your head.

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