Book-creating Competition/Workshops 18 Sep - 23 Oct 2020

Book-creating Competition/Workshops 18 Sep - 23 Oct 2020

9 September 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Online Book-creating Competition/Workshops during Australian school holidays - I'll be running online workshops to help teenagers create & publish a personalised Family Book over the holidays 18 Sep - 23 Oct 2020. The 10 best books will win $300 each.

$45 Digital book online for 1 year, 100 contributors, 2 hours speech-to-text, save audio & PDF to print on demand.

Fun Activities:

Students work at their own pace and use technology-as-a-tool to speak their stories or interview others about their lives, experiences & perspectives. Template questions guide and speech-to-text (any language) captures the oral stories into the student’s automatically formatted digital book. Students invite others to contribute stories, ancestry information and photos directly into their books to quickly collate a lot of original, precious content into a modern format.

Example books:

COVID-19 & Me: automatically collect personal stories & experiences of this pandemic.

My Family Recipe Book: automatically collect your favourite recipes, cultural stories & celebrations into a precious Family keepsake.

Granddad's Memoir: automatically create your favourite person's Memoir, share online or print on demand & gift.

Online tutorials: 10am-2pm Mon, Wed, Fri 21 Sep - 21 Oct 2020

Students can log into office hours sessions for personalised tutorials and to present their collected audio stories and text for fun story-sharing and collaborative editing exercises. Student’s collected content enriches online classes and they are motivated to learn when the content is their personal stories.

Book Presention:

Students are proud to present their polished books to their families. Books can be shared online or downloaded & printed on demand. Students can include books in their portfolios & higher education applications or print and gift or sell to their family.

Conditions of Entry

  1. Participants must be between 13 and 18 years of age and Australian residents.

  2. Registration and entry fee must be paid by Monday 21 September 2020.

  3. Participants can only use the FamilyBookform book-creating dashboard and attend at least 5 online tutorial sessions for at least 20 minutes during the office hours 21 Sep to 23 Oct 2020 and share their book-creating process. Book content is private and does not need to be shared publicly, but Carey needs to see the content online to be eligible for the prize.

  4. Books must be over 250 pages, no more than 45% photo pages, no more than 100 contributors to be eligible for the prize.

  5. Prize-winners agree to their photo and feedback to be shared for publicity, examples:

Please Note:

  • Participants will be capped at 200.

  • Judging will be finalised and the prizes paid by 30 October 2020.

  • Carey Furze is the owner and Founder of ‘’ (Bookform ABN: 2860 5514 592) and will be running the online tutorials and judging process and she has a working with children certificate. Carey is a published author and former English teacher.

  • Your book-creating dashboard is available for 1 year, after the competition you can continue to access your digital book, keep adding content, edit, share & download as much as you like for 1 year.

More info: