Students collaborate to create ICT Class book

Students collaborate to create ICT Class book

8 March 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

The Global Indian International School in Singapore (GIIS) Year 6 & 7 students used a new online dashboard to collaborate remotely and create an anthology Class Book as a ICT project.

The FamilyBookform online dashboard enabled the teacher, Maria Tymosiewicz in the English Department, to start 4 class books and invite the students in each class to contribute a chapter to their class’ book. 

The Family Recipe Book is a popular Collaborative book project and potential fundraiser.

Grade 7 book: Compilation of personal travels. 

“I have extremely enjoyed the process of recording my travel experiences through the travel blog I had written down in the FamilyBookform website. The website has an easily accessible user friendly system, and it was a cinch to write, edit and submit our blogs. This process had helped me to relive my travel experiences and many valuable moments which I still cherish. It also helped me in increasing my writing skills as well as my vocabulary, for my miniscule vocabulary wasn’t enough to pen down my magnificent journeys. I genuinely wish that I get more opportunities like this.” ~ Rishil Tatavarthi, Grade 7

Grade 6 worked on: Compilation of stories from school, some written from the student’s personal experience, and others from interviewing their parents/grandparents.

“The BookForm project was introduced to us by our English teacher Ms Maria. It was a great idea that gave all the students in my class a chance to share their own stories and still be part of one book.

There were many topics to choose from and I chose to write about my classroom. I had fun writing about all the serious and fun activities that goes on within our class. I can’t wait to read this book and share it with everyone as a masterpiece by my class CLSP 6 A.” ~ Aditya Vohra, Grade 6

“The project was a little hard as we had to write many words. My parents would help me with the lines but they said that I need to make my own sentences. It was nice for them to help me or it will be hard. It is very different from just researching on a topic. In this project I typed what I feel in my own opinion and it was very enjoyable.” ~ Fadell Sayyed, Grade 6

The Class books will be shared online in the newsletter and website.

Other popular projects using the FamilyBookform online dashboard:

Mother’s Day STEAM Project Year 5 & 6 students contributed a poem and picture of their Mother to a collaborative class book for Mother’s Day.

My Favourite Food Book Year 7 students collated their family’s favourite recipes into a personalised Family Recipe Book and presented to their families at a school celebration.

My Granddad’s Memoir Year 7-12 students interview their family, using speech-to-text (any language), question prompts and contributions from others to create a personalised memoir.

FamilyBookform is integrated into the Google Classroom Platform & available in Chromebooks and any device connected to WiFi.

Lesson plans, explainer videos, case studies: