New website & Google Integration launched

New website & Google Integration launched

5 November 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

I launched our new site at EduTech Singapore today and accepted 2 awards for ‘Best New EdTech Startup’ and the project at GIIS Singapore.

FamilyBookform projects scaffold students to collaborate with their family and community to collect oral histories & personal family stories & photos into printable digital books for education, communication and bonding.

Teachers create a FamilyBookform project and assign it to a whole class or year group through the Google Classroom platform in a few easy steps. For example, Year 7 English ‘Life Writing’, Year 8 History ‘World War 2’, or Year 9 ‘Community Service Project’. Teachers can monitor student’s book content, give feedback, a grade, and print-on-demand for book presentation ceremonies.

Students use the Classroom link to sign-in and start creating their family’s personalised book. They follow the template questions or create their own, to interview family members and use the speech-to-text tool to record oral stories in any language, and all content is instantly transcribed into their automatically formatted digital book. Students can invite others to contribute content directly into their book too, an easy way to collect dispersed family information into a keepsake product the whole family value and will enjoy for generations. Books can be gifted, sold and included in student’s portfolios.

FamilyBookform projects are available on any device connected to WiFi and Project links can be shared with students through any School communication system.

Student’s content can be used in the classroom as real-world examples for various curriculum aligned lessons in English, History and Social Studies. Students are more interested to learn writing techniques when it’s their personal family stories and they will be presenting their end book product to their families at a special celebration ceremony.

Not all students have Grandparents or extended families, so it’s an opportunity to share their collected audio file stories & digital content in the classroom for everyone to enjoy. 

See case studies and example projects:

The Favourite Recipe Book: students collect their family’s favourite recipes, food stories and photos into a collaborative book.

My Family Book: students collect family stories into their personalised family book.

Harry Gee’s Memoir: students help others in their community create their memoir or save their cultural heritage.

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