NESA accredited STEAM workshop for FamilyBookform launched

NESA accredited STEAM workshop for FamilyBookform launched

23 June 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

The FamilyBookform workshop is now a NESA accredited 2hour workshop delivered through the Teachers' Guild NSW.

This interactive workshop will guide teachers to improve literacy, engagement, and social emotional skills with an online book-creating tool, that scaffolds students to interview their family and collect oral stories, and improve their critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are required for success in school, career and life.

The workshop aims to emphasise both networking and practical applications to develop ICT, literacy, art and collaboration skills to implement their own school’s STEAM project initiatives (6.2.2). The workshop will provide opportunities for educators to network with like-
minded STEAM thinkers to create an original, valuable book that can be graded in writing across the English, History and ICT curriculum
objective areas (6.4.2).

Workshop details: STEAM Projects 

The Collaborative Class Book: Experience how to use the Bookform online dashboard to automatically collect written content and photos from your class (up to 300 people) to create a collaborative class book. Students develop ICT, literacy, art and collaboration skills.

The Family Book Project: Participants will role-play an interview scenario using the voice-to-text technology to experience how a student
would collect oral stories from their family or people in their community to scaffold authentic experiential learning and family engagement.

Classroom application:

Participants will explore how student collected content can be used for curriculum-aligned class lessons in English, History, ICT, Social Studies and more.

Carey Furze is the FamilyBookform Founder, published author and presenter. FamilyBookform was created as an affordable resource for teachers to personalise and enrich lessons by scaffolding students to collaborate with their family, peers and community in emotional Communication Projects to develop academic and Emotional Intelligence skills. FamilyBookform originated in Australia and is being used in schools around the world. It’s integrated with Google Classroom, available on Chromebooks and on any device connected to WiFi. Teachers and students have been awarded for projects and case studies are in demand for thought-leadership and conferences globally.

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together