Minister of Education awards Bookform's Literacy Project

Minister of Education awards Bookform's Literacy Project

26 October 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

The Teachers’ Guild NSW hosted a World Teacher’s Day Awards Gala Dinner last night to acknowledge some exceptional NSW teachers, presented by the Minister of Education, Hon. Sarah Mitchell and Shadow Minister, Prue Car MP and Guest of Honour, Dr Dan White M.Ed (R.E.), Ed. D, Former Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Melissa Carson, Director of Teaching and Learning Champagnat Catholic College, was awarded for Champagnat College’s Year 7 English Life Writing unit, where students used the Bookform online program to interview their family and collect oral histories and personal stories into a bespoke family book or memoir, as a literacy and family engagement initiative.

See the case study and research: Case Study and Research.

The students will be presenting their printed books to their families at a presentation ceremony at the opening of the school’s new library on 11 December 2019. And more projects are planned for 2020.

See the ‘Write of Passage’ book presentation ceremony for the Bookform project awarded last year, where students from The King’s School and Tangara Girls School visited aged care homes, interviewed a resident over a term, and created their memoir as a Community Service gift. Case study 2018.

Dr Dan White gave a moving speech about his extraordinary career as a teacher, through to his leading role in the Catholic Schools. Dr White shared his passion of always wanting to be a teacher and his joy in being a part of the teaching fraternity for over 40 years. He spoke about the power of ‘Reflective Learning’ and helping students to reflect on their studies and learning, rather than “just pouring information into them.”

This statement really resonated with me, because this is exactly what I was trying to achieve when creating the Bookform program. I wanted to scaffold student’s ‘Reflective Learning’ by getting them to collect other people’s reflections, personal insights and experiences of their lives, and in that process students would be exposed to a myriad of views, perspectives and reflections. This exposure and collaboration with close family and community is a safe and powerful way to develop young people’s identity, resilience and Emotional Intelligence skills, vital for any future. 

After 3 years of pilot projects and user experience testing in 35 countries, Bookform has just completed our integration into the Google Classroom platform and will relaunch with a new name and website next week: We are not exclusive to Google and projects are available on any device connected to WiFi.

Teachers will be able to buy an annual licence for each student and allocate a Family Book creating project to an individual, class or group of any size. Teachers can monitor student’s book content online, give feedback and grades. Students can present their collected audio files and stories for class lessons, literacy, collaborative editing and peer-bonding. Books can be included in student’s portfolios, gifted or sold to families.

Start a Family Book project today.