Meet me at EduTech: S19

Meet me at EduTech: S19

27 May 2018 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

The Family Book Project will exhibit at the EduTech conference 7&8 June at ICC Sydney.

The Family Book Project is an online program to empower students to collect family and community stories into printable digital books for education, culture development and fund raising.

Do you know the life stories of your parents, grandparents or ancestors? Where did they come from? What was the world like in their childhood? What were their careers, travels, trials and triumphs?

There are many dimensions to a person over a lifetime and you may only know a fraction of who they are or were. And by the time grandchildren are old enough to be interested, family stories and knowledge have disappeared, but not anymore.

Technology empowers students to collect priceless family stories, any language, into a printable digital keepsake book, to be treasured for generations.

Students can focus a book on one person, a whole family or even a community, to create a Father’s, Mother’s or Grandparent’s Day book and present it at a special celebration ceremony at your school.


1-2 hours – Introduce Bookform to students(Carey Furze can present to students)

Voice-to-text function:     Students collect their family’s spoken stories over the term.

Collaborative function:  Students invite family to contribute stories and photos, in any language, to easily build their bespoke Father’s, Mother’s or Grandparent’s book.

2-4 hours – Class activity 

Discuss student's stories as a class activity. Edit as required. Students become engaged with reading and writing, because it is their family’s stories. They develop literacy, language & digital technology skills, and create a precious keepsake to be proud to present to their family. Shared stories bond peers and teachers and learning another’s backstory develops empathy for different cultures and beliefs.

1-2 hours – Presentation day

Students present books to their family at a school ceremony. This engages families with the school and generates great PR for your school’s initiatives and innovation.

Ideal for Saint’s Days, Book Week, Literacy Week or any other special occasions.

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