Kids publish books & schools raise funds

Kids publish books & schools raise funds

28 August 2017 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Children discover a love of reading and writing by creating their own books using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and schools uncover a new revenue stream.

Bookform software is making it easier than ever to create a printable digital book with voice-to-text Google AI and collaboration, enabling many people to easily build a book together. With photos and any language.

Example: School Holidays 2017 book.

Collaboration: Family Recipe book.

Teachers email invite students to submit their contribution online and all content is automatically collated into a printable digital book. Ready to edit, share online, or print into a tangible book for promotional material or sale.

Books can be on any topic: the student’s holiday activities, the museum excursion, or school camp. Or, a cultural identity project on their family or community. It’s about involving students in researching, collecting, and collating their perspective, experience, or opinion on an event or period of time. Bookform is just an online tool to make a usually arduous process a lot less time-consuming, plus, produces both a digital and tangible product for children to be proud to present.

Using integrated speech-to-text AI students can follow Q&A templates to ‘interview’ their grandparents, or elder in their community, about their lives and experiences and every word is instantly transcribed and appear in their book.

This intergenerational interaction is teaching kids valuable family ancestry information and important cultural and historical facts, but also future-proofing their job security with vital social and ICT (Internet Communication Technology) skills.

Global research shows future employment will need skills such as Critical thinking, Complex problem solving, Communication, and Creativity.

One way to achieve all of these aptitudes is for our young people to cognitively interact with older, more experienced and knowledgeable family and community leaders. But not with passive listening and watching activities, their interaction needs to involve proactive dialogues, with appropriate questions, active listening, and technology use, utilising visual, verbal and written language skills.

Pilot program: Canterbury Boys’ High School and Bupa Health Care.

Bookform is cloud computing, nothing to download and accessible from any Internet connected device, such as iPad, laptop, or smartphone. Students can work at home, school, at the grandparent’s house, or out in the community. Their work is auto-saved and instantly updated. Books can be shared online for editing or marking, before being printed.

The voice-to-text functionality is available from October 2017. Contact for more information.

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together