STEAM Projects for Mother’s Day

STEAM Projects for Mother’s Day

1 May 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Maria Regina Catholic Primary school in Avalon, Sydney has teachers and students using ‘technology for creativity’ to create a Mother’s Day project this year.

Dr Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen, the school’s STEAM Manager and Director of ‘STEAM Ahead Australia’, an initiative to work with industry to bring STEAM integrated Arts programs into schools, said “Bookform is an ideal solution to get students to use technology for something positive and educational. They use many different writing, tech and communication skills to create a beautiful book that will be presented to their families for a Mother’s Day event. The Year 6 students eagerly engaged with the technology and will help teachers explain it to the younger grade students.”

Principal Kathy Gee said, “We’re excited to participate in this project. Bookform seems to have a lot of possibilities for STEAM projects and many other Key Learning Areas (KLAs).”

Each of the K-6 Year teachers will use the Bookform platform to automatically collect student’s stories and artwork into digital books, to be shared with families on their website, social channels and printed.

Teachers sign-up to the Bookform dashboard and send a link to each student’s email. Signup through your school’s system is also available.

The students open the link to contribute their writing and artwork directly into their class book.

Teachers see in their dashboard which students have submitted their contribution, edit contributions, and can view the instantly updated digital book.

Teachers can share the digital book on a smart board in class, for classroom discussions and collaborative editing.

Lesson plans and curriculum alignment are available.

Teachers share the digital books on the school’s website or socials, so parents and families can read & share the digital version for 1 year.

Parents can order a printed book and raise funds for the school.

Printed books less than 50 pages - $39

Printed books 51-300 pages - $59

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