Intro Bookform to AWS Community

Intro Bookform to AWS Community

11 December 2018 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Bookform Pitch Deck 2018


There are some big wicked problems in the world today. 

We’re living in a new world of hyper-connectivity, but people seem to be feeling more disconnected than ever before. Especially the young and the old.


Bookform’s solution is technology to scaffold bringing families and communities together, bonding over sharing personal stories as a school project. Humans have been sharing stories since the beginning of time and it is a vital component of developing relationships, our personal identity and empathy for others.

And Bookform’s technology can be scaled into any country and culture.


Nikita did the Family Recipe Book project and collected her family’s favourite recipes and the cultural stories about why that food is special. Nikita said she loved finding out about her Grandma’s background and migration to Australia and she could share this with her class and community. And her family now has a precious keepsake to treasure forever.

This year I did the ‘Write of Passage’ project with 3 schools. As a Community Service Activity Students went into aged care and helped a resident create their memoir and students gifted the printed books to their resident and their families at Grandparent’s Day ceremonies. 

The King’s student Ollie spoke about how his resident, Harry, taught him about morals in difficult situations. Harry had been a manager at a steel manufacturing plant and refused to do business with a South African company if they continued to use child labour. 

So many amazing stories were uncovered. Students had personalised learning, the elderly felt valuable and the schools & aged care generated great PR for themselves.

Here’s coverage on Channel 7 Sunrise twice. Full videos are on the website.

Many schools are signing up. The Global Indian International School in Singapore just started. They have 19 campuses over 7 countries and have enabled Bookform to become a global business in our first year.

Business Model:

Selling technology into schools is notoriously hard. But with my technology and business model I get buy-in from all the different stakeholders as a solution to their problems.

It is precisely because of these many different stakeholder’s interests that helps Bookform acquire customers, keep them and generate more. Because each group becomes an advocate and influences the others around them. 

Revenue Streams:

There are multiple revenue streams for Bookform and our customers. Schools buy an annual licence for projects across the different year groups and books can be sold to raise funds for the school. 

Aged Care buy the program and can sell the finished books to the resident’s families. 


The Bookform team is based in Australia. Recently we were accepted into the AWS EdStart Accelerator. 

Bookform Ask:

We’d like introductions to schools and aged care. Or any Community wanting their youth to engage with their own family and community to bond over saving their precious stories.

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