How to force seniors to use their brains?

How to force seniors to use their brains?

6 June 2017 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Global research keeps proving that cognitive activity prevents brain disease and using our brain as we age is vital in maintaining good cognitive function and preventing Dementia.

Alzheimer’s Australia highlights in Your Brain Matters the need to mentally challenge yourself, a difficult ask for older people, who predominantly prefer routine tasks and familiarity.

Governments and organisations everywhere have struggled to engage seniors with using Internet Communication Technology ICT, a cohort who could most benefit from accessing information, help and services, with the click of a button from home.

So, what can we do to force seniors to keep challenging themselves and engage with ICT?

The answer may be with new technology developed by Bookform.

Bookform is book-creating technology that uses Q&A templates to guide anyone through the various stages of life to automatically create a memoir or legacy book on experiences and knowledge, with photos and in any language.

Bookform is not the first company to use technology to help people write about their lives or self-publish a legacy book, but Bookform is the first to incentivise other people to make an individual do it.

Through partnerships with schools and aged care companies Bookform is creating a value-add to the retirement home’s existing services and a community activity for students to engage in ‘real-world’ learning.

A pilot program with Bupa Care and Canterbury Boys’ High School enables students to sit with aged residents and ‘interview’ them using the Bookform template questions.

Seniors learn how to use the technology in an environment of comfort and non-judgment. And students hear amazing stories of childhood and school life in a completely different era. A great teaching opportunity for both.

When families visit their loved one in the home, they too can continue adding to the resident’s book, using the questions to guide story telling or to start completely new family dialogues.

Carers and Occupational Therapists can also use the online technology as a tool when spending time with seniors, to guide conversations and recollections, and capture them in a modern format for everyone to enjoy.

Dementia organisations are incorporating the Bookform technology into their existing therapy programs, combined with music, art and physical activity to stimulate and document the memories, before they are lost forever.

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