GIIS Singapore starts Bookform

GIIS Singapore starts Bookform

27 November 2018 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) Singapore has partnered with Sydney based EduTech Company Bookform to pilot new story-collation software for students to create personalised Family Recipe books.

GIIS has 19 campuses across 7 countries, including Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE and India, and growing.

The Bookform world-first software scaffolds students to collect stories and photos into printable digital books, using voice-to-text AI and collaboration, so many people build a book together.

The Family Recipe Book project facilitates the collection of priceless family recipes and the cultural stories around family, food, and celebrations, into a modern format, and engages students in authentic communication using brand new technology.

The Family Food Book: 

Students invite their family & friends to contribute their favourite recipes, food celebration stories and photos to create a personalised Family Recipe book.

The student sends automated links to invite family & friends to log in and contribute a maximum of 2500 words (10 pages) and 12 photos directly into their Family Recipe Book. The student can edit and rearrange all contributions. Book content is private until shared by the host.

Students share the completed digital book online and books can be printed on demand.


The Class Recipe Book

Teachers send an automated link to student’s emails and each student logs in through that link to contribute up to 1000 words (4 pages) and 4 photos to the Class Recipe Book.

Students can log in and out as many times as they like and when finished click ‘submit’ and their contribution automatically appears in the bespoke Class Recipe Book.

Teachers share the completed digital books online and books can be printed on demand.

Books can be gifted at school presentation ceremonies or sold for fundraising.


Other projects for 2019 include:

My School Holidays Book: 

Teachers invite students to contribute stories and photos about their holiday experiences. Each student’s story creates a chapter in a collaborative book, as a creative writing and story-sharing project.

The Family Book Project:

Students interview their family members using template questions and voice-to-text AI (most languages), so Grandparents and extended family can speak their stories directly into the book. Invited family can also contribute their stories, ancestry information, and photos through automated links. 

The Write of Passage Project:

Students interview people in the community as a community service activity. For example, students go into aged care or migrant communities to help create their memoirs or collate precious cultural oral histories. For education, cultural development and wellbeing.

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