FamilyBookform Teacher Professional Learning workshop

FamilyBookform Teacher Professional Learning workshop

21 November 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

The Teachers’ Guild NSW hosted the first FamilyBookform teacher professional learning workshop last Tuesday 19 Nov at the spectacular Concord Golf Club. The presentation slides are here:, more videos and testimonials here:

Carey Furze, Founder of the FamilyBookform technology, demonstrated how the Family Communication projects are a valuable online resource for teachers to save time, achieve academic & holistic education results, and engage both students and their families in transformational learning.

The FamilyBookform technology scaffolds students to collaborate with their families by doing face-to-face interviews, using technology as a tool to collect their spoken life stories (voice-to-text in any language), information and photos into personalised keepsake books.

Students have always been required to collect and write stories about their families, the social and educational benefits are obvious, but by using the FamilyBookform technology the process is automated, personalised and purposeful. With the polished end product having more value to more people, now and into the future.

3 step process:

  1. Students collect content - students use template questions, speech-to-text and contributions from invited others.

  2. Students edit content - student's content used in class lessons for literacy, collaborative editing & peer-bonding.

  3. Students present content - students are proud to present their finished book to families at presentation ceremonies.

Popular projects:

The Collaborative book: A person invites others to contribute content to build their book. 

A teacher invites their class or year group of students to contribute a chapter to a class book or a student invites their family & friends to contribute to their book on a specific topic.

Example books: Year 5&6 Mother’s Day Project and My Favourite Recipes

The Family Book: A student collects content from their family.

Example book: Harold Edwards Memoir

The Community Service: A student helps people in their community create their memoir or save stories. 

Case Studies: The Kings School and Tangara Girls School

$10 per book, 1 year access to create, edit, download and share your printable digital book.

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