Empowering students through technology: podcast

Empowering students through technology: podcast

14 May 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

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Education podcast 'Teacher Chatter' interviewed Melissa Carson, Director of Teaching and Learning at Champagnat College Pagewood, about her experience with Year 7s using the Family Bookform technology for the English 'Life Writing' unit, in an effort to improve Literacy and Family engagement. 

This project contributes to Ms Carson’s ‘Boys’ Literacy Research’, to be published in August, and demonstrates the efficacy of the FamilyBookform technology in contributing to student’s literacy skills and, more holistically, their Social Emotional Learning.

FamilyBookform is the next step from Google Docs as a literacy tool, instead of a blank page, a 'template page' scaffolds students to collect personal stories, experiences & photos, using question prompts, speech-to-text (any language) & collaboration, to easily create print & digital books.

The process of students conducting face-to-face interviews and being active listeners, while using technology-as-a-tool, is educational and the end book product is valuable original content.

Student’s content can be used to enrich various lessons; students play their audio files in class (including online), collaboratively edit the text and discuss pertinent issues, addressing various cross-curricular objectives.

Integrated with Google Classroom, available on Chromebooks, and any device connected to WiFi, teachers can easily assign a to a class or Year group, monitor progress, give grades, include in portfolios, gift or sell to families.

Free for teachers to sign up and create a book. Use Melissa Carson’s Ambassador code for potential discounts and advice on your school’s projects.

Enter this code on step 2 of the free sign up process: QDJ49K

More explainer videos, testimonials and lesson plans: https://familybookform.com/