Create a Business Book in Minutes

Create a Business Book in Minutes

2 April 2017 Life Writing Collaboration

Bookform technology allows anyone to easily create a book either by themselves or by inviting others to contribute content on a specific topic or event.

Business book example: The Australian Computer Society is celebrating 50 years of computers in Australia.

Collaborative book example: The Family Recipe Book.

Bookform has partnered with TEDxSydney in 2017. They are asking their audience to contribute to books on various topics, for example: ‘What was your experience at the 2016 TEDxSydney conference?’, or ‘Who has been your favourite TED speaker and why?’.

These books will be shared online and some made into tangible books as keepsakes, presents and promotional material.

Invited contributors login, and contribute up to 2500 words and 12 photos (in any language), then submit. Their contribution automatically appears in the book, where content can be curated. All books will be branded with the TEDxSydney logo and message.

If you have a TEDxSydney story you would like to contribute to the book please email

Bookform has also partnered with The Sydney Writers’ Festival in 2017 and this year their theme is ‘Refugees’. SWF will engage their audience to discuss and contribute to the Refugee discussion through an automated email, using Bookform tech.

If you have a refugee story you would like to contribute to the SWF book please email

You too can create a business book on your specialist knowledge as a thought leader in your field, or share your career experiences, or compile some of your unique content into a easy-to-share package that you can post on your website or social platforms, to improve your credibility, gain legitimacy or use as an incentive - to get your audience to subscribe to your newsletter.

Use the TEDxSydney sponsored link to access the Bookform book-creating technology FREE for 1 year. All books are branded with the TEDxSydney logo and message.

TEDxSydney sponsored link.

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together