Coronavirus - online PBL for students at home

Coronavirus - online PBL for students at home

27 February 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Coronavirus project - Students kept at home for health precautions is an ideal time to do a FamilyBookform project. Video:

Students interview their family members, using speech-to-text & contributions from others, to collect personal life experiences & oral histories into printable digital books.

Or, teachers easily create class books by sending an automated link to their class or year group and students remotely contribute their chapter to a class book, eg; ‘How Corona virus has affected my family’.

Students content enriches class lessons and can be included in digital portfolios, gift or sold.

Example: Collaborative Book as a STEAM Project.

Example: My Favorite Food Book.

Example: Family Book Project for Year 7 'Life Writing unit'.

Free for teachers to signup and see how students can use the dashboard & functions to create their personalized books.

Lesson plans, explainer videos and case studies: