Collect & Share Student’s Experiences

Collect & Share Student’s Experiences

14 January 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Would sharing personal experiences and the local effects of devastating fires help prevent the disconnected young people in our communities from committing arson?

Sharing stories is how humans make sense of the world and their place in it. This is an opportunity for teachers to collect their students experiences, feelings and concerns about this summer’s terrible fire season into a personalised book to share, discuss and make vital connections with each other.

Let’s develop connected, empathetic young people, who feel they belong to their community, not want to destroy it.

Teachers invite your class of students to automatically contribute a chapter to a ‘My Fire Experience’ class book:

  1. Teacher signs-up and buys 1 licence for $10:

  2. Invite your students to contribute: 2 min explainer video:

  3. Share the automatically created digital book on any online platform for 1 year and print-on-demand.

Student’s experiences can be shared in the classroom and the text collaboratively edited for lesson enrichment, literacy & wellbeing.

Share digital and printed books with parents and your community or sell as a fundraiser.

Example Collaborative Books:

My Family’s Recipes Book

Mother’s Day STEAM Project

Online help and explainer videos available: