Collaborate and build a book together

Collaborate and build a book together

22 May 2017 Life Writing Memoir Collaboration

The Concord library hosted another book-creating workshop yesterday for their members, using Bookform software.

Attendees saw how to easily and quickly create a book by inviting their family and friends to contribute content and photos.

The most popular collaborative book is the Family Recipe Book. This is a bespoke family history book, based around your family’s favourite cuisines and special celebrations.

More than just saving traditional family favourite recipes, it is about the stories attached to them. It’s about your Italian or Greek or Chinese grandparents, who came to Australia with nothing and built a successful life and raised their children in a foreign land, while dining on the food from their home country.

It is about saving the unique ingredients and cooking instruction of Nona’s famous pasta sauce, or Pa’s traditional dumplings, but also about the strength of the family unit when bonding over these special meals.

Or maybe it is all the ancient ancestry information that has been gathered by many different people in your family.

Collating the stories, photos and information from all your extended family and friends, who are scattered around the world, is now easy. Just enter their name and email and an automated message from you allows them to open a page, write their message or story and upload photos. They click ‘submit’ and it all appears in your print-ready digital book. You can curate all content and rearrange the order in your book.

You can share the digital version, print it at home, or send it to a professional printer to create a beautiful bound legacy book. This is the perfect personalised gift, for one or many people to enjoy, for many generations.

You can build a family holiday book, a farewell to a colleague book, maybe a school year book, or a wedding book, book ideas are endless.

Build a book today: Bookform

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