Bupa & Canterbury Boys High School initiative

Bupa & Canterbury Boys High School initiative

16 May 2017 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Bupa’s Clemton Park Retirement Home hosted Canterbury Boys High School students for the inaugural ‘Save Your Stories’ initiative today.

Students used Bookform book-creating technology to ‘interview’ the resident and wrote the answers and stories directly into the program, creating an instant printable digital book.

Bupa Clemton Park’s General Manager, Gail Worthington-Eyre said, “the residents always like visitors, but having the stories saved into a permanent book that the resident and their families can keep and treasure forever is really different and special”.

“We will definitely invite our resident’s families to keep adding to their loved one’s books as well, so the finished product can be a precious keepsake, to be enjoyed for many generations,” Gail said.

The students used the template questions to guide the conversation and asked, “what was a typical school day like for you?” or “did you have a favourite teacher?”.

One of the residents, George, entertained the boys with stories about the very mean male teachers from his high school days in Brisbane, “when we answered the question incorrectly they would strap us across the hands or backside with a thick leather strap”, George exclaimed.

When asked if the teachers at Canterbury Boys strapped them, the boys laughed loudly at the impropriety of such a thought. So, their eyes were definitely opened to the differences between their childhoods and those of older people.

One student said “it was very interesting hearing about the resident’s years in the army”. Other students said that they didn't have grandparents alive or in Australia, so it was a novel experience to interact with an older person and hear about their lives.

The accompanying teachers said, “The boys were initially nervous to interview an older person, but they found the structure of the template with specific topics and questions was very helpful’.

This ‘Save Your Stories’ initiative will continue throughout the rest of the term.

We are all very excited to see all the amazing stories that will come to light.

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