AWS feature FamilyBookform

AWS feature FamilyBookform

28 May 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

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Research shows that social emotional learning (SEL) increases student engagement at school, increases academic achievement, and helps students to be more successful in all aspects of life. 

FamilyBookForm, an AWS EdStart Member, aims to encourage SEL through their online book creation tool that allows K12 students to interview members of their family or community to collect spoken stories, in any language. The tool uses speech-to-text voice recognition technology and is powered by the AWS Cloud.

Writing a paper can be a challenge for some students and the idea of authoring their own book is often unimaginable. Students use FamilyBookForm to facilitate storytelling interviews, which are developed into books based on those personal stories. The advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition for converting speech to text and natural language understanding to recognize the intent of the text, enables students to easily create books.

Using speech-to-text, students follow prompts to speak or type stories and upload photos. Once they are finished, the tool automates the collation of the project and rolls it into a digital book with a front cover, contents, and chapters. This simplifies the logistics of pulling together the final project and making it easier for students to focus on what’s important: the story.

While FamilyBookForm encourages emotional connection and engagement between students, parents, grandparents, and community members, teachers see improvement in literacy, range of writing, and the ability to organize topics and use presentation skills, while simultaneously increasing engagement. “We set the unit up as an accessible piece of work next year…I am sure the boys enjoyed this method of literacy intervention and I can see that they now want to write better in the future,” said Melissa Carson, director of teaching and learning and Champagnat College.

Melissa Carson will publish 'Boys' Literacy' research, using the FamilyBookform dashboard, in August 2020.

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