Ambassador Program launched

Ambassador Program launched

16 December 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Ambassador Program

Explainer video & Teacher Professional Learning Workshop Slides:

Register Free: Ambassador Program

Advocate FamilyBookform projects and earn a passive income:

  1. Apply online to receive a FREE Ambassador code, no training needed, online resources. 

  2. Tell teachers about FamilyBookform projects, they use your code when signing-up free.

  3. Receive points for all projects created under your code, redeem for cash or vouchers.


  1. Register your interest
    Do you run teacher professional learning workshops or are you passionate about effective technology in education? Register to be a FamilyBookform Ambassador to advocate and demonstrate projects in your community and earn points - redeem for cash or discounts.

  2. Free trial
    Sign-up free to create a demo book and try the FamilyBookform technology. See what a student would see when creating their family’s personalised book. Follow the template question guides, try the speech-to-text, in any language. Invite others to contribute content to your book, easily and quickly collate dispersed information into a polished book, with front cover, chapters, sections and photos. Share your book online, download audio files and the PDF of your book.

  3. Earn points
    When you run teacher PL workshops or demonstrate the FamilyBookform technology, advise educators to enter your Ambassador code when they sign up for free. Once teachers start paid projects with their students you will receive a point for every book created.

    For example: You run a PL workshop with 20 teachers and demonstrate how the FamilyBookform technology is assigned as a project for various curriculum aligned units, eg; English ‘Life writing’ or History ‘Migration’. The workshop class of teachers each create their own demo book and see examples of case studies at other schools. Those 20 teachers start projects with their classes:

    20 teachers X 30 students = 600 points for you (equal to $600 cash or discount off projects).

  4. Redeem points
    In your Ambassador dashboard monitor the teachers who create projects under your Ambassador code and see the points you’ve earned. Redeem your points for cash, minimum of $200 at a time, every 2 weeks or get discounts off the FamilyBookform technology at any time. If you cannot receive cash we’ll send gift cards instead. Encourage those teachers to do more projects and keep earning more points.

Ambassador opportunities

  • Generate a substantial passive income, that is cumulative and on-going.

  • Generate pioneering case studies and research information for industry thought-leadership in your community and globally.

  • Present at conferences and events to increase your profile and credibility.

  • Generate original and topical content for your publications, blogs and social media. 

  • Collaborate with the Global Team of fellow Ambassadors and FamilyBookform.

  • FREE FamilyBookform swag for you, your workshop attendees, and students.

  • Awards, recognition, and prize-giving for best projects and Ambassadors, and an invitation to the FamilyBookform Ambassador Awards Party once a year.

Ambassador expectations

  • Give us feedback - we strive to ensure our Ambassadors are supported and rewarded.

  • Share success stories with us and your networks.

  • Serve as an expert resource for other educators at your school and within your networks:

    • Talk about FamilyBookform projects at staff meetings.

    • Present at a Professional Development workshop or conference.

    • Present via webinar eg;  ‘Lunch & Learn’.

    • Help a new teacher at your school get started.

  • Regularly keep in touch with those that use your ambassador code and suggest more project ideas.