AI creates your book as you speak

AI creates your book as you speak

14 August 2017 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Bookform is integrating Google’s voice-to-text technology to enable anyone to speak their stories and instantly create a print-ready digital book.

Pilot programs with Canterbury Boys’ High School and Bupa Aged Care had students, Carers and volunteers ‘interview’ residents to help them create a legacy book on their life to give to family and friends, but using AI voice-to-text will make this even easier.

Rather than listening to a story and having to manually type the dictation into the templates, an individual can speak into their computer or smartphone and every word is instantly transcribed into their book.

As voice recognition and file storage technology improves, Bookform will offer multiple platforms in which readers can digest their loved ones life stories and experiences, from a physical book on the shelf, to interactive pages of audio, video and virtual reality. Imagine siting on the couch with your grandparents and having them tell you their stories personally, in the flesh – well, almost.

This technology may still be a little daunting for non-digital natives, so families, caregivers and volunteers still need to be involved.

I recently trialed the voice-to-text technology on two older Australians, Eva Engel, originally from Austria, and Maurice Linker from Romania.

At first their voices were a bit stilted and awkward, as they tried to make an effort to speak clearly and articulate their thoughts, rather than just speaking naturally. But, they soon became comfortable with talking into a screen and seeing their words instantly transcribed - and their stories started to flow.

Never has it been easier to document the stories of your life, experience and knowledge. Gone are the days of sausage fingers and declining dexterity. Now, when your loved one starts telling you a story from days-gone-by, you can simply press a button and it will all be saved, for your family to enjoy for many generations.

Finish that business book you have been putting off because it was just too time consuming.

Complete that school project you just didn’t know where to start.

Collate stories and photos from far and wide to promote your programs.

Voice-to-text will be available on Bookform from October 2017.

Create your masterpiece today:

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